Fundraise for the NELUNE foundation

There are many ways you can help the NELUNE Foundation. Fundraising, participating in our many events, or even providing a much needed donation.

The NELUNE Foundation depends entirely on the support of like-minded individuals, associations and companies to continue helping our public hospital cancer patients.

Staff at Optus supports the Foundation through Workplace Giving Program 'Yes4Good' and other internal fundraising activities. Optus wholly funds two Patient Transport Vehicles

CCA supports the Foundation through their staff Workplace Giving Program - 'Thirst for Giving'

TDC 2014 ride will raise funds to help support the establishment of the new Nelune Comprehensive Cancer Centre by purchasing medical equipment for the Centre.

For six consecutive years, Eriko Kinoshita and Clive Mayhew, Directors of Yoga Aid, have supported the NELUNE Foundation through fund-raising proceeds of 'Yoga Aid Challenge' held throughout Australia.

We welcome the support of other organisations and individuals in developing their own fund-raising initiatives in support of the Foundation.

Thank you. Your support will serve many cancer patients in the community.

Participate in events

All donations to the NELUNE Foundation are utilised in full to assist with the funding of a number of ongoing, long-term projects.

By participating in one of the many wonderful and fun events the NELUNE Foundation holds every year, you are directly assisting with the funding of ongoing, long term projects. Find out about our latest events here.

Donate products

The NELUNE Foundation would also be appreciative of the support of individuals and companies in providing goods and merchandise as prizes and auction items at the Foundation's events.

Should you wish to contribute, please contact:
Nelune Rajapakse
OAM Co-Founder
NELUNE Foundation
02 8082 8181